About Us

Mission Statement
Heather Holme Holsteins is a family-owned and operated dairy farming business specializing in producing high quality milk and breeding and merchandising elite holstein genetics worldwide.

The Heatherington family of Scotland immigrated to Canada as the crown deeded them a farm in Colborne Township near Goderich, Ontario. To honour their Scottish heritage they chose to inscribe Heather Holme on the bridge leading in the farm lane.

The farm was purchased in 1933 by Glen’s parents, Cliff and Evelyn McNeil. They chose Heather Holme as their prefix when they became members of the Holstein Association of Canada in 1959.

In 2013, Heather Holme Holsteins became incorporated with Glen , Vanda and Curtis being partners in the business. Also, in 2013 Glen and Vanda celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary.

Curtis and his wife Cathy were married on Sept 12, 2015 and we are very excited to have Cathy, Sam and Beth joining our family.

Katie and her husband Dan live in Brantford, and she is the Assistant Athletic Director at Appleby Collage in Oakville. Dan has completed his Masters Program and is currently completing his doctorate at the University of Waterloo.

We are honoured for our family to have received three Master Breeder Shields, Cliff and Evelyn in 1980; Glen, Vanda, Katie and Curtis in 1996 and Glen, Vanda and Curtis in 2010.We hope you enjoy our website and would look forward to have you visit our farm anytime.


Glen, Vanda, Curtis, Cathy, Sam & Beth